Privacy Policy

On this page, you will find our privacy policy. By browsing the site, you agree to have read these rules, agree to the terms rules, and have no claims about your privacy to us.

We respect your data and collect it for only two purposes: to ensure the proper functioning of the site and to improve the user experience.

We collect data in two ways:

1) The data you provide. This data is collected and stored when you enter it on our website. You provide this information yourself during or after registration by editing it or creating new content, such as writing messages or uploading photos. By entering the data you understand that it is being collected and you agree to it.

2) Data we collect with the help of third parties with the help of so-called cookies. This data is depersonalized and consists of general information such as browser, screen resolution, time spent on the site, and more.

You can delete personal data yourself or at any time by writing to us. You can delete third-party cookies yourself according to the settings of your browsers.