Terms of service

Terms of use

By using our portal, you confirm that you are familiar with the terms of use of the portal. You understand that the developers of the portal take responsibility only for their actions and only within their own responsibilities. The actions you or other users take are your responsibility.

Our responsibility

The portal administration is responsible for the proper technical support of the portal. We only provide users with a platform on which they can place their ads.

The administration of the portal is not responsible for and does not control the content added by users. The person who uploaded the information is responsible for its accuracy. The administration of the portal is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the advertisements.

The administration of the portal does not control and is not responsible for communication between users. The users themselves are solely responsible for the culture of communication and information provided during correspondence.

The administration of the portal does not mediate in a commercial transaction, does not make payments, and does not perform any other services specific to intermediaries.

The portal collects browsing and user information (found in the Privacy Policy) to ensure the operation of the portal and to improve the user experience. The information collected is not and cannot be disclosed except where there is a need to prevent or disclose a crime.

Duties and responsibilities of consumers

The user who uses our portal undertakes to use it fairly, only for its main purpose – to buy or sell equipment.

The consumer undertakes not to engage in any unlawful acts in the jurisdiction in which he is located. And not to violate the legislation of the European Union in which the portal operates.

The user undertakes not to take any actions that could harm the site. Such actions include attempts to guess other users’ passwords, hack into their accounts, disrupt the site, and so on.

The user must provide only the correct details during registration. If false information is noticed, the user profile is deleted, the services are suspended and the money paid for the services is not refunded.

When placing an advertisement, the user undertakes to provide only correct, realistic information and photos that correspond to the available technology. The person placing the advertisement confirms that he is the owner of the equipment for sale or the person authorized to sell it and has the supporting documents. In case of suspicion that the user is creating inaccurate information, the administration of the portal has the right to demand the submission of evidence. In the absence of documentation, the administration has the right to suspend the account, stop providing services, and the money paid is non-refundable.